Power Washing Services in Plainfield, IL 

Revitalize Your Plainfield Property with Expert Cleaning Solutions

Unlock the true potential of your Plainfield property with KEEP IT CLEAN’s Power Washing Services. Serving both residential and commercial clients in Plainfield, our solutions rejuvenate your property’s look, from driveways and siding to patios, basements, and garages. Experience the transformative effect of our professional cleaning.

Our Cleaning Solutions

Driveway Cleaning

Our detailed method effectively eliminates dirt, grime, oil stains, and weeds, markedly improving your property’s exterior aesthetics. Opt for our thorough service to make your driveway immaculately clean and inviting for your home or business.

Siding Cleaning

Enhance your property’s appeal and longevity with Keep It Clean’s siding cleaning services. Our specialized techniques target mold, mildew, and built-up dirt, ensuring a thorough clean that not only boosts aesthetics but also extends the durability of various siding materials.

Before and after power washing photos by Keep It Clean. The 'before' image shows a grimy, mossy patio with outdoor furniture; the 'after' image reveals the same patio pristinely cleaned.

Patio and Deck Cleaning

Transform your outdoor areas with Keep It Clean’s patio and deck cleaning services, effectively eliminating stains, algae, and weather wear. Make your patio or deck the ideal spot for relaxation and entertainment.

Basement and Garage Cleaning

Maximize your property’s potential with Keep It Clean’s basement and garage clean-up services. We proficiently remove dust, dirt, and potential mold, transforming these areas into cleaner, more functional spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose your patio and deck cleaning?

Keep It Clean’s services remove stains, algae, and weather damage, revitalizing your outdoor spaces for enhanced enjoyment and appeal.

Do your services boost property value?

Yes! Our cleaning enhances your property’s aesthetics and functionality, potentially increasing its market value.

How often should I clean my driveway or patio?

We recommend annual cleaning to maintain appearance and prevent buildup, with adjustments based on specific conditions.

Active power washing process on a residential driveway.

Ready to See the Difference?

Enhance both the appearance and longevity of your property with KEEP IT CLEAN’s Power Washing Services. Contact us to schedule a service or to discover more about revitalizing your property. Serving Plainfield and nearby areas, we aim to infuse new life into your home or business.

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